Tips and howto's

Why your customers want to pay online

Have you ever gone through the whole process of putting together a nice vacation package for your upcoming holiday only to find out on the checkout page, they don’t accept online credit card payments? If you haven’t, lucky you! But you probably have become excited about buying a new pair of shoes online only to find out that PayPal is not accepted as a payment method. What now? Do you get off the sofa to get your credit card or do you just abort mission, because suddenly these shoes don’t seem too important anymore?

Think about it - payment procedures are a crucial part of the customer experience and are the deciding factor of converting a visitor into a customer or not.

How you can improve customer experience:

Offer a variety of payment methods

This is how you meet customer needs and expectations. Of course, you don’t need to offer every payment method there is, but you should provide all methods that are relevant to your customers. Of course, each method offered is going to cost you money. But think of it this way: the more payment gateways, the more customer demand is met, the more revenue is made.

Offer easy-to-use payment methods

Whichever payment you offer should be easy to understand for your customers. They are giving away confidential information, don’t make them confused or think twice. Make it as intuitive as possible. Simplifying this process is key.

Make it seamless

For a smooth transition, integrate the payment process into the omnichannel customer experience. In other words, don’t redirect your customers to too many pages, but rather keep them on your site to make them feel safe.

Provide a secure environment for transaction Speaking of safety, make sure your customers feel comfortable entering their personal and confidential information. Make sure to insert your company logo or name to ensure the customers they are still acting within your supervision.

The result? Faster checkouts!

Paying bills is never a good feeling, right? By following the foregoing steps, you will have made your customer’s checkout process short and sweet. Nice work!

Whom to work with

Modern technology sets great possibilities for online payments, making them faster, easier and safer. With the right payment provider, companies have a competitive advantage in fulfilling their customers’ expectations.

We believe that removing barriers to online commerce helps more new businesses get started, levels the playing field, and increases economic output and trade around the world. Together with Stripe and other payment gateways such as Mollie, Braintree, PayPal, Omise and Xendit, our clients are able to easily manage online payments for their guests and customers and have everything synched within their Bookinglayer account.

Bookinglayer helps businesses like camps and retreats with an all-in-one reservation system.