Product News

You can now translate your diet options, levels, custom fields and guest groups.

In the last year we've added a number of components to Bookinglayer that up to now were not translatable. If you have multiple languages enabled in your Bookinglayer account in order to provide your Frontoffice and Customer Portal in the language of the booker, you might want to take a look and update some labels and descriptions.

The following components can now be translated via the Backoffice:

  • Diets: lets you capture a dietary requirement a guest might.
  • Levels: in order to know somebody's level of experience in an activity you can capture their level via the Frontoffice or Customer Portal.
  • Custom Fields: additional fields you have added to your account, e.g. questions that you want to confront your guests withs in the Customer Portal.
  • Guest Groups: allow you to set different rates based on a profile. These can be based on age or whether the person participates to all activities (e.g. a surfer vs a non-surfing companion).

To set these translations, just login to your Backoffice and go to the General Settings.

  • The Guest Group-option is a Bookinglayer Pro feature and might require an upgrade of your account.

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