The top 3 benefits of having an online booking system for your mountain bike camp

Whether you are running a mountain bike camp, biking tours and treks, or a small chalet in the Alps, as a business owner there’s tons of things you have to take care of. In case you are not working with an online booking system yet, please keep reading, as it can make a big difference in the way you manage your outdoor vacation business behind the scenes.

To start with, here’s the top three benefits of having an online booking system for your mountain bike business.

Accept more direct online bookings

An online booking system will result in more direct bookings for your mountain bike camp. By directly accepting online reservations, your guests no longer have to wait for a response to their enquiry. Tip: choose a user-friendly booking engine and you will see that it makes bookings easier for both you and your guests.

Save time by automating your administrative tasks

A reservation system allows you to save a significant amount of time on your administrative tasks by receiving online bookings and payments, automatically generating invoices, lists and reports, and sending automated emails to your guests like booking confirmations, travel reminders, and packing lists. Spend less time behind the computer, and more time managing both your daily business and explore new opportunities for growth.

Access your information on the road

A state-of-the-art booking management system will provide you with an easy-to-use calendar and various lists and reports for you to have a clear overview of what’s happening in the day-to-day life of your mountain bike business. You will have all necessary information available at all times through one single platform, even when you’re on the road yourself.

Now that you understand the importance of switching to a reservation management system for your mountain bike camp, here’s some more tips to start your search for a booking software that suits your needs. For mountain bike holiday businesses, the following online booking management system features really make the difference:

Package Bookings The ideal booking management system for mountain bike camps is one which supports selling packages and has the ability to manage add-ons. This way, you can manage all aspects of your business through one single platform. Combine your accommodation options with bicycle rental, equipment hire, airport transfers, and other optional items your guests can add to their stay.

Here’s an example of an ideal booking engine for mountain bike businesses: Make a test booking here

Group bookings Ideally, your reservation system has the ability to receive and manage group bookings. Even better if you can give your group bookings the possibility to customise their stay according to their individual needs. This will result in more clients for your mountain bike business, and a better user experience for your guests.

Daily capacity management As the maximum capacity of a mountain bike business is quite dependent on its available gear and equipment, a day capacity manager is a very handy tool to have. Easily adapt the day-to-day availability of your activities and services in case of repairs, weather conditions or seasonal staff.

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