Six important features to look for in a retreat booking software

Running a health retreat can be quite the task - it is like running a hotel and a wellness centre all at the same time. Not only does retreat management include administrative tasks such as customer communication, organising sessions, accommodation and housekeeping, but it also means ensuring an excellent customer experience and satisfaction.

Having a reservation system can make a huge difference and literally change the way you run your wellness and detox retreat. A retreat management system will take over administrative tasks and free up your time to focus on your customer experience and on the things you love.

Here are 6 features that you should look for when choosing a reservation system for your wellness retreat:

Accept more direct online bookings

An online booking engine on your website will allow clients to easily check availability and to book and pay directly on your website - a convenient booking process for your clients and your administrative team. A beautifully designed booking engine will look appealing to your customers and will also let you update your product catalogue in your back office at any time. Once a booking is made, availabilities of sessions, classes and accommodation will automatically updated.

Here is an example of what a booking engine for your wellness and detox retreat could look like: Make a test booking here

Automated communication - save time with automated yet personalised emails

Make sure your reservation software is able to automatically send out booking confirmations, (payment) reminders and follow-up emails. This will ensure that your clients will automatically receive the right information at the right time. Spend less time behind the computer, and more time managing both your daily business and explore new opportunities for growth.

A backoffice - all your information in one place

A backoffice is the heart of your administrative organisation. Here you can see guest details such as dietary requirements, arrival and departure information and more. A state of the art booking system will also allow you to easily create arrival and departure reports, in-house guest reports, activity and session report and many more that ideally you will be able to download to send to responsible staff member.

A calendar - an overview of your rooms and sessions

The calendar is part of your backoffice and will give you an overview of your rooms, as well as activities and sessions. All bookings made will be displayed in the calendar. A well-designed calendar will also allow you to block rooms and adjust maximum capacity of sessions and classes.

Customisable reports - start making better decisions

In your backoffice, you should be able to export data that will help you to make better business decisions. These reports can, for example, include revenue and occupancy reports to detect quieter months. This information can help you increase your cashflow during low seasons. by sending out early bird specials or booking coupons that guests can use in your front office.

Combining activities and accommodation - easily sell and manage packages

Instead of using separate systems for your accommodation and activities, the ideal booking software is one which supports selling packages and has the ability to manage add-ons. This way, you can manage all aspects of your business through one single platform. Combine your accommodation options with yoga sessions and massages, special detox meal plans, airport transfers, and other optional items your guests can add to their stay.

Bookinglayer helps businesses like camps and retreats with an all-in-one reservation system.