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Opening a new location? These are the options with Bookinglayer

When you're in the process of creating an extra location for your camp or retreat-business you might want to know how to structure it within your Bookinglayer reservation system. This article explains you the options that you have.

OPTION-A: An extra location within your existing Bookinglayer account, turning your Bookinglayer account into a multi-location account. OPTION-B: A separate Bookinglayer account for the extra location.

OPTION-A is usually favourable but if the second location is owned by a separate business entity you often need to go for OPTION-B. As payment gateways, integrations and invoice numbering are defined on a Bookinglayer-account level this usually decides for which option you need to go.

A couple of examples when to go for OPTION-B:

  • Your new location needs to be able to send its own invoices (different numbering and company details than the main location).
  • Payments are collected via a different merchant account (payment gateway).
  • The new location uses different accounts from any of Bookinglayer's integrations (such as MailChimp).
  • The new location has it's own logo and identity and you want to use this on your Frontoffice and in your emails.
  • There is no need to have a consolidated overview of reservations and reports.

When none of these apply, then you could look into OPTION-A that comes with these advantages:

  • You can create users who only have access to the bookings, inventory, lists and reports of the new location.
  • Users with access to multiple locations have a consolidated overview of bookings, revenues and occupancy.
  • You have all your bookers, guests and reservations in a single account and so looking up data on past guests becomes easier.

When the only option is to go for OPTION-B then we can still connect any logins so that you can switch easily between the various accounts without having to enter a password every time.

If you still have doubts, consult our team and we'll help you make the best choice.

Note OPTION-A might require an upgrade of your existing plan as the multi-location option is a Bookinglayer Pro-feature, see our Pricing

Note 2 We’re working on Bookinglayer Connect, that will benefit resellers and franchise setups. Basically a Bookinglayer Connect-account could resell packages from regular Bookinglayer accounts. So if you don’t own the new location, you could decide to give the business partner of that location a regular Bookinglayer account and resell the packages from that account via your own Frontoffice. A beta version of Bookinglayer Connect will be released in Q2 2020.

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