Must do's for improving your online room description

If you run a camp, retreat, lodge or resort and you want to update your booking page, room descriptions are crucial. You want to make room descriptions that help guests decide to book. Or, maybe, you want to guide your guests to higher priced rooms. Here we give away some must do’s, to achieve both goals.

Your website and booking form

People that come to your website want to see quickly if they can make a booking for a certain week, which is done through a calendar on your booking page that shows the availability per room. If you don’t have a direct booking option yet and still make use of the old 'contact us'-form for your bookings, read this article on why you need a direct booking form for your business. Your booking page is the place to show off what you have to offer- both in terms of accommodation as well as service.

After working with many camps and retreats, we understand the importance of pairing text descriptions with great visuals to portray your property and rooms. A beautiful image shows your potential guests many things at once, not just your venue; it gives a sneak peek into what it means to stay with you on their holidays. Descriptions, on the other hand, are a great tool to further describe your unique story and, when it comes to the actual booking of the accommodation, descriptions will further entice a guest to decide on a particular room.

Must do’s for online room descriptions

Here are four must do’s for optimal room descriptions of your surf camp:

1. Only use high-quality imagery

This is probably a no-brainer, but we can’t stress this enough. If you shoot your room pictures on a sunny day, for instance, this makes a huge difference compared to pictures taken with hardly any sunlight coming into the room. There is a great importance in having good, clear, well exposed wide angle photos of the rooms on your booking form. Have your pictures taken by a real photographer if you feel this is not your expertise - one of the key tactics that launched AirBnB to a global platform was due to the fact they offered a professional photographer to each of their host listings. This can really make a difference for your bookings- great images show professionalism and create desire at the same time.

2. Tell a story through your images

Every picture tells a story, so does yours. Both for your rooms and other images showcasing your venue, you want your potential guests to get a feeling of the experience they will get with you. This is why I mentioned lighting above, as sunny pictures also will evoke the feeling you want your guests to get, namely that every day is a good day when staying at your camp. Another aspect that will evoke this feeling is the use of images of the activities you offer as a surf camp.

A good example, is the booking form Blue Waves Morocco, one of Bookinglayer’s clients, that sells packages of accommodation and surf through their booking form. By showcasing images of the experience you get by booking a package, rather than putting it in words, makes potential guests excited to make a booking.

3. Create attention-grabbing text

No room is boring, but the way you describe the room’s facilities can be. You shouldn’t rely much on words for your description, you just need to use the right ones. How; Show the room-type clearly from the title, whether you have given a theme name to your rooms or not. Use brief but appealing titles. Make sure to include the main highlights of the particular room, in keywords, in the main view. This makes people can tell the difference between the rooms at offer at a glance. Include a short story or quote from a former guest that stayed in this room (like a little review text) in plain text in the room view to make it more personal and to bring across a summary of the great things about this room.

4. Differentiate between descriptions

As a surf camp you offer a lot more than just accommodation, or even some extras to some of the rooms. We’ve seen the example of packages on your booking form like Blue Waves Morocco or World of Waves, of which a snapshot of their booking form is shown above, but you could also take food for example. It is a good cross sell for your surf camp. If certain rooms come with breakfast, actually display your breakfast. You can do this with words that make your mouth water, but also visually. Really entice people to choose these extras and book a room at a higher rate.

Another way to push your higher priced room or your package forward is to show them at the top of your booking page as a default. This creates a feeling with your potential guests that this room or package is very popular.

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