Millennial travelers - your perfect surf house guests

Most of your surf house guests are what are called Millennials or Generation Y. A lot can be said about this generation in terms of work ethos and mindset, but also as travelers. Let’s take a look at why they are the perfect target group for your surf accommodation and how you can attract them even more.

Three reasons why millennial travelers are the perfect guests for your surf house:

Millennial travelers look for experiences rather than a luxury vacation

Millennial travelers have a very different style of traveling from their parents and grandparents. Rather than sitting by the pool at a luxury hotel with a day trip here and there, millennials like to explore and experience the country and its culture more closely. I’m a millennial myself, as they say, and to me trying out the local food and staying at a local place makes me feel I can really experience a holiday destination. So, it’s not just experience, but the local aspect plays a very important role here as well.

Experience-focused travelers are the perfect guests for your surf house as this is exactly what you can offer. Away from the big hotels and with a good local network you can give them that local feel. You could also think of offering a (street) food tour along the best local eateries (the real local ones ;) ) to complete it.

Millennial travelers use social media for their holiday research

This should not come as a surprise. Most millennials have been used to iPads and social media since they were in primary school. Social media like Instagram and Snapchat is where you’ll find them spending most of their free time.

For their holiday research, they use the internet as their main source. Second comes their own network of other millennials. Booking is also done online, and they want it simple and fast. Millennials are not eager to send a manual booking inquiry per email. They are sensitive to promotions and willing to spend money on travel.

Millennial travelers are the perfect target group for your surf house as your business is perfect for social media marketing. Sunny pictures taken at your surf house, a picture of a surfer catching an awesome wave - hardly any product in itself can beat you on this.

Millennial travelers have an active lifestyle

Fitgirl, protein shake, piloxing: some words that seem to be somehow invented by millennials. Millennials want to stay fit and healthy and play many different sports at the same time to achieve this. Even on their holidays, they want to combine their active lifestyle with relaxation. It’s why yoga retreats have become very popular over the years.

Surfing is the ideal sport to do while you are on holiday. It’s the perfect combination of active sport in which you use all the muscles in your body, and at the same time, it is relaxing to be out in the water with nothing else but you and the waves.

How to target millennial travelers for your lodge, camp or retreat

So, you would think by reading all the above that there is no need for marketing to attract this group of travelers. You have all the ingredients for a perfect holiday for this group of people. We do have a few tips, however, to help you stand out from your competition.

Use social media marketing: as mentioned above, your surf holiday offer is perfectly suited for social media marketing. The best way to show what you offer at your surf house is visually. Instagram and Snapchat are especially useful platforms to post pictures or videos from your venue, the people, the weather and the waves. A few tips:

Seek interaction: try and have a conversation with your audience. Post a picture of the different breakfast options you made for your guests this morning or the different cocktails from last night’s bar night and ask a question like “ What brekkie or cocktail do you choose today?”

Give promotions: Millennials are sensitive to promotions and would make an instant booking if they get a good deal. Communicate such deals through your Instagram stories with a 24-hour discount, or something similar, and link to the direct booking form on your website. Make it personal: What makes you stand out from the other surf house down the street? Your people! Show your faces in your social posts and tell something about yourself and your staff.

Create an easy online booking experience: we told you earlier on about the online booking behavior of Millennial travelers. In addition, statistics show that the average user stays on a landing page for less than 30 seconds. It is, therefore, a must for your surf house to have an easy and instant online booking form. There are three more reasons why you need a direct booking form besides increasing sales: you are able to compete with competitors, you save time with a direct booking form, and you get to build your customer database.

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