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How to use the new Planner

Have you noticed a new module in the Planning section of your Backoffice? Go ahead and take a look at our new Planner.

It’s a useful tool for anyone who wants to have an overview of all the products that were sold in a given period. You can access the occupancy summary and remaining availability as well as the exact lists of guests. This view will help you plan ahead, optimize your resources and organize staff members' schedules.

In the new Planner, you can also compare the demand for different products.

Let's take a look at the new Planner module and how it can be useful for your day-to-day activities.

What is the Planner?

The Planner shows you the number of guests in relation to the product/accommodation capacity. Thanks to that, you can easily see and compare the current availability and occupancy for specific inventory items.

It also lets you access guest lists for all your products and packages. With filters, you can organize the lists according to your chosen criteria.

Bookinglayer Planner with activities

You can see the number of guests that booked accommodation, activities, packages, and other products. It's easier to figure out how much workload you’ll have on a given day. Additionally, you can make plans with a 14-day overview and see how busy your staff will be in the upcoming days.

There's also an option to export all the data and use it for external reporting.

What’s new?

Up until now, this functionality was available only for daily reporting. Now, you can also use the planning module for the period of 3-14 days.

Bookinglayer Day Planner

We extended the Day Planner functionality to give you a tool for short-term planning. Now, you can adjust the activity schedules based on the guests' interests and optimize the use of resources.

You can analyze which activities are the most popular throughout the week. With this information, you can improve your offer and find the best-performing times for activities.

How does it work?

Go to Planning > Planner to access the new feature. Filters will help you navigate through the module. Choose the desired filters: location or package. Then, select the product type that should be displayed.

Filters in Planner

You can filter by the following product types:

  • accommodation
  • services
  • activities
  • items
  • bundles

You’ll see the real-time availability and the guest lists. You can also export this data to share with other team members or create advanced reports in external software.

Bookinglayer Planner with accommodation

**What do you think about the new Planner? ** Let us know and share your feedback!

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