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How to setup your rates in Bookinglayer

Bookinglayer strives to give its clients as much flexibility in how you configure your inventory. A very important component is how you price your inventory, which is often a determining factor for guests. In the hospitality industry there are many factors and variables that need to be considered when it comes to pricing. For this reason, Bookinglayer offers a wide range of options for configuring your rates. These include:

Rates based on seasonality

You will be able to set rates that change with the seasons that your business experiences. For some this is only a Low and High season, while other businesses break it down into many more categories. Bookinglayer can accommodate this need and will enable you to set a specific price for as many seasons as your business experiences.

Rates base on pax

You can configure your accommodation so that guests are charged once per room regardless if one or two guests occupy the room, or you can charge your guests per person. When you charge your rooms per person you will also be able to set different prices depending on the number of people that will stay in the room. It may be the case that the more people sleep in a room the lower the rates will be per person.

Rates based on length of stay

Through Bookinglayer you will also be able to offer rates in relation to the length of stay of a booking. The more nights a guest books (meaning a higher quantity of room nights) may lead to a decrease in the room rate per night. By combining Pax-Based and Quantity-Based Pricing you will be able to set many different rates so that you can offer the best prices to your guests.

Rates based on guest groups

If you charge different prices for different types of guests, then Guest Groups is an excellent feature to optimize your rates. In the Backoffice, you will be able to create multiple categories of guest groups that you will be able to apply different rates too. An example being adults, kids and babies or another one being 'Surfer' vs 'Non-Surfing companion'.

Rates based on arrival date

If you offer packages only on specific dates, such as a pop-up retreat week, you will be able to set different prices for each arrival date that you offer. If you have a retreat with specific dates in the summer, you may wish to charge a different room rate compared to your retreats during the winter months. Day rates via the Rate Manager If you are operating a property that sees rate fluctuations beyond simple seasonal pricing, then the Rate Management feature is guaranteed to help you realize the revenue potential of your rooms. The Rate Management Module will allow you to easily increase or decrease rates on a day-to-day basis.


Discounts and coupons can be a strong promotion tool to increase sales for many businesses. For this reason, Bookinglayer has several methods to apply discounts. They are as follows:

Rate adjustments for package items

Through Bookinglayer’s PackageBuilder, you have the option to give each inventory item a different discount percentage. This makes it quick and easy to change the final price of a package without needing to make changes to your inventory items.

Manual & Automatic discounts

Manual discounts can be pre-set in your Backoffice that later can be applied to a booking made in your calendar in the backoffice.

Through automatic discounts, you will be able to set specific conditions that a reservation needs to meet in order to qualify for the discount. These conditions include when the booking is made, the number of people in the booking, the number of nights and can be applied to specific inventory items. If a reservation meets all the predetermined conditions the discount will be automatically applied.


Coupons are codes that you can use on your website or in your marketing activities such as newsletters or Facebook posts. The code can be filled in during the booking process by a client and, when valid, the discount will be applied. You can limit the number of Coupons to give an incentive to early bookers.

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