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How to: Instagram advertising for surf camps

You’re looking to get more bookings for your surf camp and want to use advertising to help you. Besides Google Adwords, you might have experience with Facebook advertising, but what about Instagram? Here’s a short ‘how to’ for setting up an ad on Instagram and the use of Instagram stories for advertising purposes.

Why use Instagram advertising

There are quite a few benefits of advertising through Instagram:

  • There are more than 700 million users on Instagram and the community is still growing.
  • Instagram and Facebook are connected. To set up your ad you can use Facebook’s tools and don’t need to learn about Instagram to get started.
  • People react better to ads holding videos or images than text, for which Instagram is the ideal medium. This is also why Instagram has a higher engagement rate than any other social media platform.
  • The biggest age group being active on Instagram is 18-29, the ideal group for your surf camp.
  • In terms of cost, Instagram returns good results. You can keep costs low when using short Instagram stories for your advertisement.

How to set up your ad on Instagram?

As mentioned above, Instagram and Facebook are connected. If you know how to set up an ad through Facebook, then you’ll have no trouble setting up an ad on Instagram too. There are only a few things you need to adjust to your Facebook ad to make it suitable to use on Instagram.

Advertisement adjustments

If you have created advertising campaigns on Facebook before, you will already have an ad with a target group saved. If not, create a new target audience. If you are having difficulty making your target audience specific enough for your ad, utilise Facebook’s Audience Insights in the Ads Manager menu. You probably have an idea of the gender, age, and location of your target audience. With Audience Insights, you get a better understanding of your target audience’s interests. How does it work? Enter the interests you think, one by one, and check out the number of page likes of the pages popping up for that interest. Choose pages that have got a great following rather than smaller ones. Create a list of the most important interests. Then, go back to your saved target audience and add the new interests to your ad.

To set up your ad for Instagram you follow the same steps as when setting up your campaign (holding your main goal), advertising set (holding your target audience) and ad (holding your ad content) for Facebook. The only two things you change are:

  • Add an adjusted target audience to your campaign that includes all people that have visited your Instagram profile in the last (30, 60, 90 or 120) days.
  • Exclude all other platforms, except for Instagram, in the ‘placement’ of your advertising set. Choose only ‘overview’ of the Instagram platform options.

Using Instagram stories for your advertising

When you set up an ad on Instagram you have the option to show your advertisement through Instagram stories. Stories are short captures of film or images that are shown to your followers and others for a period of 24 hours. You can select the option to advertise through Instagram stories in the Facebook ads manager by choosing the platform Instagram>stories in your advertising set.

Why use Instagram stories for your advertising

Instagram stories are only shown for 24 hours on your follower’s feed. They do not show on your own profile, therefore when the 24 hours have passed, your story will be gone. If you want to run a short time promotion, do a giveaway, or make real eye-catching content, Instagram stories are the way to go. Unlike pictures posted to your regular profile, pictures to your story can be decorated with text, drawings, and emojis. In addition, it’s easier to keep someone’s attention to a story than to a post - posts don’t stand out as much as a story. To create an ad for your Instagram stories, there are two important aspects to make your ad effective for this platform.

The use of your brand name

Think about how you interact with Instagram stories. What makes you click on one story and not on the other? We’ll tell you - it’s the name. If you feel your business name is not well known and only a few people are likely to read your Instagram story because of this, try and excite them with your Instagram logo. You can have a specially created logo added to your Instagram profile while your story is active. It should at least show you’re a surf camp, so people with an interest in surfing know this is for them.

The length of your ad

Advertising through Instagram stories can be a good low cost option. Mass advertising through Instagram stories is relatively new and not many businesses advertise via this medium yet. You will stand out with your target audience for a low cost per click. This is when you keep your stories short. The longer your ad, the more time it consumes on your followers’ feeds which cannot be used by others. This affects the cost of your ad. A good option is to make a short video. With video you get to show what your surf camp is all about - much easier than through an image with text. Try and make a video of about 5 seconds to get your message across.

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