Essential Apps for Yoga and Surf Retreats

Make your surf and yoga retreat more efficient and more profitable with these essential apps.

We understand that changing to online processes can be a daunting task. Most owners of surf and yoga retreats squirm when they hear the words “cloud based applications”. However, too often do we hear the story that somebody starts a surf camp or yoga retreat to escape the daily office routine, then end up sitting in front of a computer for most their day, in an administration role far worse than their former office life, trying to organise their businesses.

Luckily, Bookinglayer has the unique combination of tech expertise and business savvy to guide our fellow wave-lovers in the right direction when choosing software. The following cloud-based apps are a worthwhile investment as they save you time, increase productivity and sales, and make your life so much easier. Remember, the reason you decided to make this change was to spend less time in front of the computer and more time doing the things you love — so seriously consider the following software to help you out!

Reservation Management Software

Bookinglayer — Yes, we have to plug this here. One-man businesses already claim to save 8 hours per week on managing reservations using Bookinglayer. Check out all of our features on our Tour page.

Accounting Software

Xero — As they say “beautiful accounting software”. Simplifies the accounting process, makes doing your accounts easy for even the most fearful of numbers. Even better — all of your Bookinglayer invoices will directly integrate with your Xero account and reconcile with Paypal, Stripe or other gateway payments — with no manual input whatsoever.

Payment Gateway

Stripe - Instant credit card transactions so you can take deposits or full payments directly from your website at the time of booking. No more chasing deposits, no more last minute cancellations that lead to an empty room and no cash in the bank, get paid immediately and move on to the next task. Bookinglayer provides an integration with Stripe, as well as Mollie, Braintree, PayPal and many others.

Channel Manager

MyAllocator — if you have rooms advertised on, Airbnb, HostelWorld, or any other channel, you definitely need a channel manager. Once a booking is received through an individual channel, MyAllocator will automatically update all the other channels AND your Bookinglayer Backoffice in real time — this not only saves you a lot of administration work but prevents any oversights that lead to double bookings.

Email Campaign Management

MailChimp — Easy management of your email lists, create beautiful emailing templates for marketing and newsletter purposes. Bookinglayer integrates directly with MailChimp so that you can import the email address from any enquiry from or booking on your website, directly into your MailChimp list.’

Social Media Automisation

Buffer - Automate your social media posts with a Buffer account. If you cannot find the ideal time every day to post something great happening at your venue on Instagram, load a couple of posts for the entire week at once and let Buffer post them at ideal times based off their algorithms.

Point of Sale

Kounta - Take walk-in bookings for your surf or yoga classes from anywhere with Kounta’s Point of Sale system on your tablet or mobile device. You can collect the payment of a booking instantly by linking up your payment systems.

Bookinglayer helps businesses like camps and retreats with an all-in-one reservation system.