Product News

We just baked two new features: Donations & Percentage Based Pricing


If you’d like to let your bookers make a donation at the time of booking, Bookinglayer now enables you to do so.

Whether it is to plant a tree or collect money for a social project, you can can setup your Donation options in your Backoffice. We'll be enabling this feature on all Bookinglayer accounts soon. In the mean time we can enable it for you on request. When Donations are enabled you will find them in your Backoffice in the Inventory section.

Percentage Based Pricing

With pricing options for quantity, pax, length of stay, arrival dates, seasons and guest Bookinglayer already gives you maximum flexibility on storing your rates. Now that got even more flexible. On request of a number of customers we've introduced Percentage Based Pricing where the price of an item will be calculated as a percentage of total value of somebodies cart. Handy if you (re)sell an insurance service for instance. We'll be extending this feature soon and let you exclude items from the calculation.

Percentage Based Pricing is a Pro-feature, contact our sales team if you'd like to enable it.

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