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3 tips to make travelling easy for your guests

What do you do after choosing a travel destination? Well, usually you make a booking request or availability check. This often starts an endless back and forth emailing with your host. First, you send out your inquiry, after one day you get a response that the room you wanted is not available but that there would be a free shared room. No wonder it takes an average of 4 to 7 days to complete a reservation like this! And we’re not even done here.

The next step is to figure out how to get from the airport to the hotel. Now, from the host perspective, this means sending lots of emails to clarify topics such as airport transfer, parking and sightseeing suggestions. Rather time consuming for both sides, isn’t it? Here’s three tips to make life easy for you and your guests.

1. Easy reservation process

Everything starts with making the reservation process as intuitive and easy as possible. A direct booking system that immediately tells the guest if there’s availability and confirms the reservation is part of the modern era travelling.

Due to automated emails we can forget the nightmares about endless back and forth emails which cause many of your potential guests to run away screaming. We spend so much time at work going through our emails, holidays shouldn’t be about that! We want to see what’s available and book it directly.

Have you ever thought about how often a potential guest decides not to go through with the reservation inquiry because it seems too complex?

2. Customisable vacation

When you go on a holiday with your best friend you obviously want to do the same things most of the time, but, for example, you might really want to go surfing while your best friend is a serious yogi who wakes up every morning for a yoga class.

People share similar interests but also want to do their own thing. Providing individual options is key to taking your guests’ holidays to the next level. Give them alternatives to choose from and upsell extra activities. The more variety, the more guests will find their personal dream vacation with you — not to mention, the more guests, the more revenue for you!

3. Automation

Automation is the answer to make the whole holiday planning and reservation process quick, easy and even enjoyable!. Automatically confirmed reservations do not only let the guest continue with their travel plans but save your time as well.

Through automated emails, you can streamline customer communication while still keeping it personal. Apart from a booking confirmation or payment reminder email, don’t hesitate to be creative. Let your guests know about things to do in the area and provide links to additional partner websites to do even the most curious guest justice. Your guests will thankfully use it for their itinerary planning!

Now, what are you going to do with all this extra free time?

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