10 topics for your B&B, Boutique Hotel or Surf Lodge Blog

Whether you started a blog for your B&B, surf hostel or retreat venue, inspiration for your blog can be drawn from many places. Have a look at your competitor's blog to see what other players in the field write about. This directly gives you topics for your own blog. Another source is the topics your customers read about online - look for their interests on their social profiles to start with. Or get inspiration from blogs that write about this challenge in itself. There are many blogs that discuss the subject of topics to blog about.

Many businesses feel writing a blog involves the topics of marketing and social media. This does not hold true for every business, and especially not when you’re managing a B&B. One of the main purposes of a blog is to attract new visitors to your website that are interested in your content and to convert them into customers. For that, it is important to create blog content that relates to the product you offer to attract the right audience.

Once you have inspiration for a topic, it will be easier to come up with a next topic. Look at it as a story you want to tell your customers about your business and see your blog posts as the chapters of that story. This will help you come up with the topics you’d like to write about.

Here are some inspirational topics for ten blog posts for your B&B blog.

  • The origin of your venue. Do you run a family business or does your venue have an inspiring origin? Write about it to make your blog more personal.
  • The main attractions for your guests. Write several blog posts about;
    • the main excursions in your area
    • the places you need to visit when you are in your region (from museums to nature)
    • annual events and festivals to visit
    • great things to do on a rainy day in the area
    • the specialties in your region or country (food or other cultural characteristics)
  • A review of a great restaurant near your venue
  • Your favorite breakfast recipe including some of the compliments you’ve received when serving it to guests
  • Something attentive one of your staff members did for a guest
  • Your daily activities where you include images of how your days look
  • The philosophy of your business (what you believe in and why it made you run your business in the first place)
  • A bio of yourself and/or your staff
  • Fun guest stories (when they are positive)
  • A brief list of FAQ you get including answers

Once you have a sound basis of blog posts, find out the ones that are popular with your audience and write a follow-up post on the topic. You will see for yourself that blog writing has unlimited possibilities. Good luck!

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